Sylphs Edit

RESTRICTED -- older sylphs are restricted, but feel free to create younger ones.

Sylphs are wind-elemental Greater Fae. They are not especially common.

Appearance Edit

Sylphs look similar to humans in shape, though most are a little taller and wider-featured. Their eyes tend to be wide-set, slim, and angular. Hair and irises may be any shade the sky or clouds can take on, including (rarely) sunset hues. Many sylphs have semi-translucent skin with a slight blue tinge, allowing viewers to catch rare glimpses of their bones.

Abilities Edit

Sylphs use wind magic. They can do just about anything related to wind, with power levels varying according to age. Basic sylph abilities include flight and directing breezes and draughts (though not with any degree of fine control). All sylphs are incredibly light-weight - about 30 pounds lighter than an average human - and conscious sylphs can use their abilities to become weightless.

Because of their ability to control the direction and intensity of wind, even young sylphs are terrific support for fire-type castors. The older they get the more control they gain. They become able to stand alone in battle, directing devastating winds and creating cyclones at will. Old sylphs are considered wind elementals, capable of using wind in any way they please.

Old sylphs can condense air into temporary, solid forms. They traditionally fight with sul-sikil, long, thin blades made entirely of air. It's said that the oldest sylphs can literally become wind, turning their bodies into air, and that physical attacks pass straight through them.

They drown in water, burn in fire, and will fall out of the sky if they fall unconscious. They're not affected by cold.

Culture Edit

Sylphs aren't very tight as a race. They tend to live alone or with their mates and children and they often marry/mate outside their species. In times of trouble they fight for whoever they're indebted to or whoever they admire most. They make powerful allies and are widely sought out, no matter what age.

Personalities vary widely, everything from playful to aloof.

Lifespan Edit

Like most Greater Fae sylphs have a max lifespan of about 500 years. Battle tends to consume a lot of them before they reach old age.

From birth they're able to use basic wind magics, including flight and small wind manipulations. They're considered juvenile until around 50 years. By 100 they are able to increase, decrease, stop, and start most winds. Their control and precision grows with practice until, by around 200 or 250 years old, they can create and control tornadoes.

By 300 sylph are considered older (restricted). They can begin condensing air into solid forms about now and they may be able to separate air into separate elements, making them terrific support for fire-users or folks who want to breathe underwater. They continue to grow in precision, power, and control until the end of their life.

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