Sihiri is the world where all Sihiri RPs take place. There are five continents in Sihiri, each with a different population, culture, history, and technology base, so writers from any genre can find a fun RP and still be connected with the world as a whole. The continents are separated from one another by a barrier. So far travel between continents has not been possible, but rumour has it the barriers are about to fail.

World Overview Edit

There are five continents in this world:

  • Faerune
  • Terrasect
  • []Renaissance
  • []Dystopia
  • []World 5

Each continent is different. Travel between the continents is impossible. So is exchanging technology, viruses, magics, etc. -- the barriers are absolute (so far). Most continents aren't aware of each other. Travelers who reach the boundaries are returned to the opposite side of their world, as though they'd circumnavigated the whole planet, and they often don't realise they've crossed a boundary at all.

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